When going over seas many things change. The currency changes by location and so
does the voltage and wall plugs. It takes time and preparation to ensure a trouble free
international trip. As we all know, it can be very frustrating to arrive at your destination,
and not to be able to charge your phone because you have the wrong adapter plug. Here
are the facts for today’s travel with all our gadgets. In North America appliances are
designed to operate using 110-125 volts. Most other countries will use 220-250 volts
of electricity. Additionally many countries will have electrical outlets that are shaped differently.
So if you are traveling with an electrical appliance, it is very likely you will need to bring at least
an adapter plug. Many of the new items, Kindles, Computers, Camera, Phones, are now made
with a converter built inside. This means that you will only need to bring an adapter plug to charge each item.

Adapter plugs DO NOT CONVERT ELECTRICITY. They simply allow an appliance plug to fit into a
different international plug configuration. Many will also use an adapter plug with a converter (if
needed). Depending on the country, wall outlets may also be recessed, designed for a grounded
plug. You may also have an item that has a 3 prong grounded plug. These will need a grounded
adapter plug. It should be easy to spot an appliance that is dual voltage. There will be a switch
or label on the back of the appliance that will read 100v/250v. The label will say it adjusts
automatically for the higher voltage. Remember to change the switch to 250v before you
pack it in your suitcase.


   Following is a guide on voltages in foreign countries. In general all references to
110V apply to the range from 100V to 160V. References to 220V apply to the
range from 200V to 260V. Where 110/220Vis indicated voltage varies w1thin
the country depending on the location. Some countries have more than one
outlet configuration. Adapter plugs do not convert voltage.


  • A  Grounded European Plug
  • B  Grounded Italian Plug
  • C  Grounded South Africa Plug
  • D  Grounded India Plug
  • E  Grounded U.S. Plug
  • F  Grounded Australian/Fiji Plug
  • G  Grounded  Israel Plug
  • H  Grounded English Plug
  • I   Great Britain
  • J  Ungrounded U.S. Plug
  • K  Australian / New Zealand
  • L  Ungrounded European Plug
  • M  Ungrounded English, India, Hong Kong Plug
  • N  Ungrounded Sweden, Denmark, Finland