Hello everybody, I will try to help you understand, when and when not, to use a converter or transformer. Traveling overseas can be a lot of fun. Knowing how and why we need a plug or converter can be confusing. Just remember, we use 110 volts, the rest of the world uses 220 volts. Each country also will have a different outlet to plug into. Today many of the new gadgets we have are made in China. They are making everything dual voltage now, so that all you may now need is an adapter plug. (Example: phone, computer, kindle, camera) BUT, if you are taking something older or made for the U.S. market, you will still need to use a converter.


Converters are mostly used for electric appliances with simple heating devices.  Here are a few examples: hairdryers, garment steamers, irons. Converters should be used for a limited time (30 min.)Converters should NOT be used with power tools or hair care products with an ALCI ground interrupter switch and reset button. If that is the case, I will recommend you purchasing a dual voltage hair dryer or an older model without the ALCI plug. You also must look at your appliance to see what the wattage is. Older converters can be 1500 watts. Your new hair dryer could be a model that has 1875 watts. They will not work together.  The converter must be more powerful that the appliance.  Remember the converter is designed to lower the voltage to 110 volts. Some heating appliances, like a curling iron, need only 25 watts of power. They will need a different unit.  It will need a 50 watt transformer.


Transformers are for electronic appliances with electronic circuitry such as computers, CD players, T.V’s, power tools, curling irons. These items require extra performance and allow for longer operation. The wattage of the appliance being used determines which converter or transformer you will need. We strongly recommend using a transformer or converter rated at least 10% stronger than the appliance. You will find the wattage information on your products rating plate. Many times you must look at the plug to find this information.


Remember adapter plugs allow you to plug your appliance into the wall, they DO NOT CONVERT VOLTAGE.

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