It is helpful to use common sense and discretion to stay healthy when traveling abroad. Using these simple guidelines, will help you stay healthy and enjoy each of the countries unique foods.

Traveling on long airline flights can be very stressful. Most travelers will experience the effects of dehydration, while flying. There is no moisture in the cabin during the flight. I combat this issue by eating grapes and oranges. Drinking lots of water and juices helps also. Stay away from alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and soft drinks. Who wants the lingering effects of a headache, stiff joints and feeling tired?

Your diet will have an effect on how much you will enjoy each country you visit. Remember eating more protein than carbohydrates, is the key to a healthy diet.  The protein will help your body rebuild muscles and helps your body resist infections. Eating a lot of fresh fruit, will keep your energy levels up and keep you regular.  Remember to only eat unpeeled fruit.

Always keep in mind you will be around crowds of strangers. You will be touching lots of handles, objects and railings. Wash your hands as often as possible, and keep your hands away from your eyes, mouth and nose. I always have a few antiseptic towels and a small packet of tissues in my shoulder bag.

I will buy a dozen bottles of water at the beginning of my trip, keeping them in my room.  Stay away from drinks with ice cubes. Taking supplemental vitamins are always a good idea to keep feeling healthy.

Book your trip and have lots of fun.